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PO Box 221597, Sacramento, CA 95822 | Phone: (916) 833-5800 |

The Sonoma Valley Groundwater Management Program.
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PARKER GROUNDWATER focuses on being

cost effective, and delivering high quality

services to the groundwater industry. We

provide consulting solutions to public and

private sector clientele based on developing 

a clear understanding of their problems,
objectives, budget and schedule. With over
25 years of experience in the groundwater

resources and contaminant sectors, we
believe we can find innovative

solutions to your most challenging

groundwater management issues.

We are fully licensed and insured in California:

·        Profession Geologist License No. 5584

·        Certified Engineering Geologist License No. 1926

·        Certified Hydrogeologist License No. 0012 test

Our services include:

·        Groundwater Management Planning and Program Implementation

·        Groundwater Monitoring Evaluations, Well Installations and Program Management 

·      Groundwater Policy Analysis

·        Strategic Water Resources Consultation

We provide FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION...give us a call or fill out the form on the Request Consultation page.

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We are proud members of the following organizations:

·        National Ground Water Association

·        American Ground Water Trust

·        Groundwater Resources Association of California

·        California Groundwater Coalition

·        Association of California Water Agencies

·        Ground Water Protection Council

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PARKER GROUNDWATER - PO Box 221597 - Sacramento CA 95822 Phone: (916) 833-5800 Email: